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December 4th – 6th

Christmas Lane

Decorated Boat Display & Contest

A season tradition since 1974!

As a part of Port Orchard’s Annual Festival of Chimes & Lights,

Sinclair Inlet Yacht Club and the Port Orchard Marina are proud to host this community event and to invite ALL BOATERS to participate- The marina offers three free nights moorage (Dec. 4th, 5th, and 6th—does not include power hookup) to each decorated boat and SIYC will provide food, beverages and prizes! Participation in this annual event is encouraged for both individual boaters and yacht clubs.



2016 Board

Two big changes this year: Virginia Logan, who has been our Dinghy Editor for the last 4 years will be retiring from that post at the end of this year. We thank her for all the hard work she has put into putting the Dinghy together over the past several years! In her absence we are in dire need for a new Dinghy editor. Please let Scott or Rhonda know if you would like to take over this role.

In addition, Jan Anderson will be taking a break as the Club’s Treasurer, a position she has held for several years and her work in that position has been invaluable!!! In her absence, Harriet Barton will take over as Club Treasurer. Harriet, is a Charter Member of SIYC but has not been active on the board in recent years. She comes to us with an extensive history in the role as a comptroller for various agencies and, although she has some big shoes to fill, we are very happy to have her take over the Treasurer Role.

As there have been no volunteers or nominees for the 2016 Board the 2015 Board has been asked to keep their seats for the 2016 rotation. The following will be voted on at the December 6th Quarterly meeting during the Christmas Party at the Lighthouse. The 2016 Board will be:

Commodore – Rhonda Jungquist

Vice Commodore – Richard Tossey

Rear Commodore – Scott Jungquist

Treasurer – Harriet Barton

Trustee – Bill Barton

Trustee – Jim Lundin

Volunteers are need for the following positions. Please let us know if you would like to volunteer or to nominate anyone:


Dinghy Editor

Reciprocal Chairman

Rear Commodore

Commodores Corner – First of all, my apologies for the delay in getting info out and for not being as communicative this year as in years past. I will only simply say that this has been a difficult year for our family. Not that others haven’t also (been a string of them really), but this one started on a stressful note on New Year’s Day and has not slowed down. I think we are beginning to get used to it again now, though. So, with luck we should be good to go for 2016!

We did make our rounds again this year visiting local marinas, Yacht Clubs and boat related businesses to spread the word about Christmas Lane. As always we find that the event is fondly known and respected by the local boating community and everyone we have talked with have agreed to do everything they can to encourage all boaters to participate. All seem to share our feeling that Christmas Lane is not simply an SIYC event, but a community event. We want to encourage all of SIYC’s members to do the same. Take the flyers to all establishments you feel are frequented by local boaters and remind them of this fun and unique event. Feel free to send out the flyer to any boating associations or groups you may be associated with. In addition to your very much appreciated food contributions for the event, we are also requesting that you volunteer with the following:

  • Handing out ballots at the gate

  • Receiving ballots & handing out candy canes

    • Counting ballots

    • Setting up food items

    • Decorating the cabana at the end of the Party Dock

    None of the volunteer duties should require more than 30 to 45 minutes of your time; plus they are usually fun and add to the experience. Please advise Scott or Rhonda, either in advance or upon your arrival Friday, what you would like to volunteer to do.

    As a special note, I would like to thank Virginia Logan and Jan Anderson for their help these past few years! Thank you for all the time and effort you have put toward our club! You have made a huge difference and, although we’ll still see you at cruises and events, you participation in the board work and what it takes to keep the club going will be missed greatly!

    Thank you to each member of SIYC for your help to make this the most successful

    Christmas Lane ever!

    Next SIYC Rendezvous - CHRISTMAS LANE in Port Orchard



    Your help is needed right now! The club is looking for donations from club members and local vendors, to put together awards baskets. ASK your local business community for support – this is a win-win situation for everyone. By contributing to the award baskets they will gain exposure to potential new customers, which will provide a positive impact on their business. Awarding gift certificates and/or merchandise will be a sure fire hit with the boating participants and will definitely bring them back next year! Your donations are needed and welcomed as well; whether it is handmade (we have many talented members in our club), store bought or simply cash. Please let Vice Commodore, Scott Jungquist, know as soon as possible.

    Dec 4th - Friday evening - Commodore’s Welcome – This is when we will welcome and thank all of the participating boaters for joining the event. Commodore Rhonda Jungquist will host this event entirely and will be providing all snacks and beverages. But we would like to ask every SIYC member to join us making the other boaters feel welcome to this year’s Christmas Lane.

    Dec 5th - Saturday – After everyone has completed their boat decorations, a light lunch of sandwiches, chips and soda are being provided. The rest of the food will be potluck.

    Your contribute to this event with one of the following would be greatly appreciated!:

    • A salad

    • A fruit plate

    • A veggie plate

    • A dip or sauce or other condiments

    Finally and Most Importantly– As in past years, please provide a pot of soup for the “SOUP POTLUCK” for later Saturday evening. To be served during the AWARDS CEREMONY, after the public voting has ended.

    Dec. 6th - Sunday – SIYC Christmas Party & Quarterly Members Meeting.

    The party will take place at 12:00 at the Lighthouse Restaurant in Port Orchard. Bruch is all you can eat for $19.99 or you can order from the menu. Please bring your holiday cheer, healthy appetite and a wrapped gift for the gift exchange (not to exceed $10.00). As in years past, this will be a Secret Santa/Steal From Your Neighbor Gift Exchange. We will hold the Quarterly meeting with a raffle drawing and will also be pulling a name from the bean pot. Remember, you must be present to win. We will also be voting on and swearing in officers for 2016

    A Christmas Lane check list

    Items to bring

    Your boat – of course!


    Pot of Soup

    Gift for each person attending the Christmas Party for the gift


    To do list

    Sign up for your volunteer duty upon arrival

    Decorate your boat


    Items to consider

    Contributions to the Award’s Baskets

    Asking local businesses for contributions to the Award’s Baskets

    Contributions to the Saturday afternoon snack

    Port Orchard Yacht Club Christmas Parade

    Keep your boat decorated after the Christmas Lane event so you can join Port Orchard Yacht Clubs Christmas Parade on December 12th. There will be a Captains meeting at the Port Orchard Yacht Club at 11am on the 12th and you can sign up by emailing their Fleet Captain at We consider Christmas Lane and POYC’s Christmas Parade to be THE Port Orchard Boating Community events! See their flyer attached as well.



A great way to kick off the holiday season!


December 12th. Please join us as our Santa boat delivers heartfelt messages to the folks on the shore. We will cruise from Southworth to Port Orchard bringing Holiday greetings to one and all. Enjoy all the laughter and cheer as your boat loaded with family and friends enjoy a winter cruise.

Please sign up to participate (

Captain’s meeting at POYC 12/12/15 at 11:00 a.m.


SIYC adopted specific monitoring procedures so that all “SEAHORSES” can connect with other Seahorses while on the water.  We encourage all members to follow these procedures and enjoy meeting up with your fellow SIYC members. 


Per USCG/FCC regulations:  (Http://

In general, any vessel equipped with a VHF marine radiotelephone (whether voluntary or required to) must maintain a watch on Channel 16.

In addition, whether you are underway, at port or hanging on a hook or a buoy; we ask that you take special care to monitor Channel 16 from 1600 to 1630 hours each afternoon.

SIYC procedures:

“Seahorse, Seahorse, Seahorse ~ this is  [ your vessel name or radio call sign]”

Should you hear this call out – respond as follows:

“Seahorse ~ this is [your vessel name or radio call sign] ~ request change to channel (68,69,71,72 or 78A) these are Puget Sound Recreational Use Channels.

Switch to agreed channel and determine whereabouts; discuss travel plans or needs. 

You may also find a member Seahorse out there who is not particularly in “distress” by Coast Guard standards but they are in need of assistance none the less.  Maybe a short tow, rig failure, out of gas or a specific tool required. 

Club Members helping Club Members!  A bit of what being a SIYC member is all about.

Interested in SIYC Gear?

Contact Bill Barton to place an order: (360) 871-2940


Men’s $50.00*

Women’s 50.00*

Vest 45.00

Sweatshirt 20.00

Hat 15.00

T-Shirt 15.00


Any item can be personalized for an addition $5. *Personalization for jackets is included

in the cost listed and they are always personalized with the individual’s first name. In

addition, if you have any item you would like to have embroidered with the SIYC emblem, please let Bill know. Most items can be done for $5 each


See you on the water!!!!!!!!!




Reciprocal Chair PERSONS: ................ Al & Lyndi Gaston

                                                   VHF Channel:  66A

                                                   Host:   TBD 


NEW RECIPROCAL LINK All links to the reciprocals (buttons) are now directed to the new page- Buttons titled "Reciprocal Moorage". Press any reciprocal button to direct you to immediate information page.


Updated:SIYC Monitor Procedures


We are very happy to announce the new "One Click" Reciprocal Information system now available on the website! From the home page, click the RECIPROCAL MOORAGE "One Click" button located just below the Home button on the left side, to access "Our Reciprocal Clubs".  This system is easy to access, easy to use and the information is current at all times.  The system also provides specific details about each reciprocal location including satellite maps and information of the surrounding area. The  RECIPROCAL MOORAGE button is a clickable button and will take you directly to our new Reciprocal Moorage site.  Some instructions for using the new system are below:

When you view the "Sinclair Inlet Yacht Club Our Reciprocal Clubs" there are three tabs (Details) (Map) (Our Facilities) and two pull downs (State/Province) (Region):

Details Tab – This is always the default tab and provides an interactive listing of out reciprocal clubs and brief details regarding each.  From this page you are able to view and use an interactive “Map” of each reciprocal as well as access all “Info” regarding the location by using the icons to the right of each reciprocal listing.

Maps Tab - When clicked, Maps will show all our reciprocal club locations identified with green pins

Our Facilities Tab (SIYC) - When clicked will have seven tabs describing the details of our club and facilities which are self explanatory.

State/Province Pull Down - When selected will show only the reciprocal clubs for that selected State or Province.

Region Pull Down - When selected will show only the reciprocal clubs in the selected Region.

These resources can be very helpful when planning cruise trips and itinerary preparations, which can be printed to take with you on your cruise.  The method for printing from the pages is to right click your mouse in the white area at the top section and select print.  Do not confuse the print icon to the right of each reciprocal club listed, which is designed to print the individual reciprocal club information only.


Christmas Lane Past



 Go Here for more Info from years past.

NEW RECIPROCAL LINK All links to the reciprocals (buttons) are now directed to the new page- Buttons titled "Reciprocal Moorage". Press any reciprocal button to direct you to immediate information page.



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Subject: News Announcement (community relations): Boaters Education Class


The Kitsap County Sheriff's Office is providing an educational class for county residents that will allow them to earn a Boater Safety Education Card from Washington State.  Boater cards are required for those operating waterborne craft having motors with 15 horsepower or greater.


The requirement for boaters to have the card is being phased-in by age grouping through 2014.

 Please see attached PDF (Adobe) document on boater safety education class convening times, dates and location.

Very respectfully, Scott E. Wilson

Deputy Sheriff, #125

Public Information Officer

Kitsap County Sheriff's Office

614 Division Street (MS 37)

Port Orchard, WA  98366


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